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Design was meant to be based around a luxury house in Nara. Whilst you are there, it is your home. The relaxed feeling you get walking into a luxurious grand house, with gentle details echoing the crafts, the arts found around Japan and Nara.

When the guests sit down in the areas, they feel the table, they feel the furniture and it gives them a sense of quality that somebody cares for the space, that somebody has brought it to life.

And Nara has a lot more to it than temples and deer, however, these are the elements that we wanted to depict for the hotel because they are memorable, and they make it more distinct from other cities in Japan.

It’s believed that Nara was the final stop on the famous maritime Silk Road, and we have several references to this within the design details. Two feature art pieces adorn the space in the form of giant deconstructed metal urns to remind us of some of the ancient artefacts which were brought through the many continents.

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